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We all have times in our lives where we feel stressed, anxious or over exerted.

The Cleanse Candle range by Lit Candles has been carefully created to help combat stress, anxiety and to promote well being. We have created a blend of pure essential oils that offer Cleansing, clarifying, immune boosting, air purifying, antioxidant, uplifting, stress relieving, all in this mighty candle! The Cleanse Candle is a 200ml candle which will cast naturally, relaxing aromers for up to 45 hours.  A sprinkle of Himilayan Sea Salt on top of the candle not only looks pretty but adds an extra benefit to the candle for its natural power to purify and cleanse the air surrounding it.


Even better, you can buy a refill once your candle if finished! Refill candles come without a jar and fit perfectly into your clean, empty candle jar. They are cheaper and more environmentally friendly!

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The Cleanse Candle

  • 200ml 30cl, 45h burn time, vessel size h92mm x w80mm

    The Cleanse candle contains a mixture of powerful natural ingredients including cleansing eucalyptus, purifying sage & stress relieving rosemary all carried by 100 % natural soy wax. The candle is then sprinkled with himalayan sea salt which is known for its air purifying properties when heat is applied.

    Here are the benefits of some of the main ingredients:

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Purifying, cleansing, clarifying, immune-boosting and anti-bacterial properties.

    Sage: Eliminates toxins, clarify the mind, uplifting & balancing

    Rosemary: Helps relieve stress & anxiety 

    Lemongrass: Antioxidant, promotes well being & helps relieve stress

    Lavender: Helps to relieve anxiety, insomnia & restlessness  

    Himalayan Pink Salt: Air purifying. When activated with a heat source this amazing natural source promotes negative ions, which in turn fight the positive ones in the air from dust & pollution 

    Soy Wax:  A sustainable & natural alternative to paraffin wax. Soy wax is made of soy beans and is non toxic when lit.

    All parts of the Cleanse candle are Vegan

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